Our Team

Leadership Team: Bill & Beth LaRock, One Hope Ministries;
Patricia Phillips, Outreach
 Advisors: Barry Cates, Fellowship of Christian Athletes;
 John Mizerak, Ignite Purpose
Volunteer Team - Bible Reading Marathon :
Sharla Chadwick, Amy  Montgomery,   Denise  & Kevin Frye,  Susie Battle ,
Barry Cates & FCA ,  John Nuzum ,  Bo & Teresa Cook ,  Isabel Mayer, Amy Montgomery ,  Bill & Beth LaRock
Our hosts: Patricia Phillips,  Jim Heigl,  Joanne Elvers, Gladys Burke,  Hugh Forsythe, Joyce Guthrie, Paula Gilbert,  Annette Scheel,

In 2002, in response to the Lord's leading, a group of intercessors from local churches began to pray and intercede for revival in Loudoun County.  As community prayer gatherings began, they became knows as Community Prayer Watch.  During those years several churches joined in taking one day a month to fast for the county so that every day of the month was covered with prayer and fasting.
In 2007 as we began to facilitate the Bible Reading Marathon, and to sponsor local observances of the National Day of Prayer events, and local Global Day of Prayer events, the name was changed to Loudoun Awakening.